Spring Special : Baby Bunnies & Ducks! | Metro Atlanta Children’s Photographer

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Quack Quack! Here’s a little secret: we’re pretty popular around here. I mean, look at us. We’re so stinkin’ cute! Of course the kiddos love us. But we only make limited appearances for photos. We’re like the Olsen Twins that way. So if you want us to cuddle up to your little humans for some sweet spring portraits, you should reserve your space now. That’s straight from the horse’s duck’s mouth.

Tiny Dancer | Boutique Portraits For Dancers In Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Ballerina and Dancer Portraits Kennesa Georgia
One of our most popular specials, the Tutus and Pearls package is a sweet session to capture the tiny dancer in your life.

With an entire photo session devoted just to them (rather than one hurriedly rushing through all of the members of their dance class!) these portraits are truly works of art that capture the love your tiny dancer has for their art.

Spaces are limited so call Sherri’s Portraits at 770-529-1410 to reserve yours!