Big Savings for 2015 High School Seniors!

Big Savings for 2015 High School Seniors!


Are you looking for a great place to have your Senior portraits taken?  A place that really listens to what YOU want to do?  A place that gives you the best experience you can imagine AND portraits that you will be proud of…Oh, and did we mention you’ll have to most fun ever during your session?  Well look no more, because Sherri’s Portraits is THE Place for Senior Portraits!

And to make it even better, for 2 days ONLY, Sherri’s Portraits is offering any Senior Session for FREE!!!  You can’t beat that!

But you MUST contact us today or tomorrow, July 7th or 8th, to get this amazing savings. So check out the info above and tell your friends, cause this offer won’t be available for long.  See you soon!

Little Sister / Metro Atlanta Children’s Photographer

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 So look who came in recently with his 2 week old Baby Sister. What a proud Big Brother he was! Of course we were creating some beautiful newborn portraits of his little sister for quite a while when finally I asked the Mom to remove his shirt so we could add him into the portraits. He was such a trooper and SO sweet with his brand new Baby Sister. Just look at that little smile…he’s just so proud of her. You just know he’ll protect her forever from just about anything. Yep, Big Brothers are a wonderful thing, but so are Little Sisters!

Our BIG Announcement is Finally Here!!

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We’ve been SO excited to tell you our news but had to keep it under wraps for a little while, but here we go. We’re thrilled to announce that

Sherri’s Portraits is MOVING BACK TO ACWORTH!!!

That’s right!  And we couldn’t be happier!

As many of you already know, Sherri’s Portraits was located on Southside Drive in Acworth for over 6 years. We absolutely loved it there but felt we were being led to let that location go. It did sell and we moved into an industrial park location in Kennesaw, sharing studio space with another photographer.  We learned at the beginning of the year that we would need to move within a few months. We looked at lots and lots of properties to try to find just the right place, and even went a whole month without a studio waiting for a space that didn’t work out after all.  (Now that was something we don’t ever want to do again!)

Our new location is 4989 North Main Street in Suite 202.

***Now here’s the great part for YOU!

To celebrate our move back to Acworth, we’re offering a TWO DAY SALE.  Just contact us on  Friday or Saturday, June 27th and 28th to schedule your portrait session and we’ll offer it to you at HALF PRICE!  That’s right!  But you MUST contact us on those two days either by phone, fb, or text.  You must also schedule your session before September 17th.  (Once you contact us, we will be in touch with you within 1 week to schedule your session.)  This sale is for all of the following sessions:

High School Senior / Family / Children / Uptown Kids / Executive

So mark your calendars and make sure to contact us for BIG SAVINGS!  See you soon!

Here’s our contact info:

Phone or Text :        770-529-1410

Facebook  :          Sherri’s Portraits Photography Studio

1/2 OFF Senior Portrait Session!

April 14 Senior ad blog


Spring is almost here and you know what that means? It’s time for Senior Portraits! We’re so excited about all we have in store for our 2015 seniors and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

The first thing we want to tell you about is how we set up a consultation appointment with you and at least one of your parents. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and allows us to find out about all the things that YOU like to do. See, we don’t want to photograph any senior the same…we what your session to be unique and all about you. This consultation gives us all the information we need to be able to plan out exactly where we’ll be going on location, and what needs to be incorporated into your session to show your personality. Some seniors like to include a sports theme, a pet (even a horse), their best friend…you get the picture. Hey, we’ve even been on the back of a boat photographing a guy skiing! Now THAT was fun! And for the girls, we even have our own Make Up Artist to make you look even MORE beautiful!

Get ready to have a blast on the day of your session! One extra thing for the girls…we have our very own Makeup Artist to make you even more beautiful! Bring your favorite tunes with you for the studio part of the session. We’ll crank up the volume so you’ll enjoy every second. Then we’ll head out to all the great locations you’ve planned for the rest of your session. And don’t worry about changing clothes outdoors because we even have a portable changing room- no kidding! We can pop that little puppy up anywhere and you’ll have complete privacy.

We absolutely promise you’ll have the best time ever on the day of your session. But we also guarantee you’ll LOVE the images! Just remember that you DO have a choice in who photographs your Senior Portraits…you only have to get your drape and tuxedo poses with the yearbook photographer. We’ll take care of all the fun, cool stuff!

So take advantage of our special offer for 1/2 OFF your session fee if you call us before April 19th. See you soon!

Spring Special with Baby Ducks! / Metro Atlanta Children’s Photographer

March 14 Spg Spcl ad - blog

2015 High School Senior Lexi / Atlanta Senior Photography

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Can you believe it’s already time for the Class of 2015 to be selecting their Senior photographer?  Sure, you’ll be going to the school photographer for the photos in your yearbook, but what about all the really cool, fun places and things that you actually want to do for your Senior Portraits?  Well, we’ve got just what you want at Sherri’s Portraits.

We actually sit down with you for a consultation to find out about you… what you like to do, things you’re involved in and places you want your Senior Portraits taken.  See, we don’t want to photograph any Senior the same- we want your session to be all about YOU!
We’ll even go over what outfits you’ll be wearing to help you choose the best ones to give you the most variety possible.

Not sure what to wear? Just look what Lexi from Kennesaw Mountain High School chose for her recent studio session. She is killer good at softball, so we did some phenomenal dramatic images with some of her gear. Then she switched it up with a fun, casual outfit including shorts and boots. Finally she pulled out the glitter and voila… we had a Fashion Diva in the studio! What a blast!

We’re already getting calls from 2015 Seniors, but there’s also time for any 2014 Seniors that just weren’t happy with the photos they got earlier in the year.
So give us a call at 770-529-1410 and we’ll set up a consultation just for you. See you soon!


Extreme Sports Photography / Atlanta Sports Photography

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If you’re like most families you have at least one child, maybe even two or three, that are involved with some type of sport…there are so many sports available to our kids these days!  So of course you get the individual shot taken of your kid and maybe even the team photo that has everyone lined up in a couple of rows, right?

Are you ready for something different, something so unique that you’d be proud to have it hanging on a wall in your home? Then check out our Extreme Sports Photography sessions. You can choose a session for just one athlete or for an entire team, and since these are taken in our studio you don’t even have to worry about the weather.  And talk about fun… the kids really get into these sessions and have an absolute blast!


So give us a call at 770-529-1410 to schedule your Extreme Sports Photography session today…you’ll just LOVE what we create for you!

Father Christmas Portrait Sessions | Atlanta Family Photography

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You know how it goes. Every year you trudge to the mall and stand in the long (long, long, long) line to meet Santa Clause. Once you (finally!) make it to the Big Guy, the kids are cranky from the wait and they only get to sit on Santa’s lap for about two minutes while someone snaps a pricey photo that you just hope turns out half decent.

Yeah, we didn’t much like that either. That’s why we created the Father Christmas Portrait Session. It’s a special experience that allows your family to make wonderful memories this Christmas season and get beautiful holiday portraits at the same time.

Each session is twenty minutes long, ensuring that your children have enough time to get acclimated and comfortable as well as whisper their Christmas wishes to Father Christmas.

Start a new Christmas tradition, call us at 770-529-1410 to reserve your session today!

Sporty Sessions With Sherri – Atlanta Georgia Sports Photography

Atlanta GA Sports Photography, Acworth GA Sports Photography, Kennesaw GA Sports Photography, Cobb County GA Sports Photography

We’re so excited to be offering sports photography! We actually take these in studio – how amazing are those backgrounds?! Betcha thought we took those on location but April Fools! We actually have hundreds of backgrounds that we can use with our special lighting setup so that we can create an original, unique, one of a kind artpiece. We can even photograph whole teams for fantastic team pictures that you can use for your banners or sponsor plaques!

So bring your athletes to the studio for a sporty session (rain or shine!)

Spring Special : Baby Bunnies & Ducks! | Metro Atlanta Children’s Photographer

easter portraits atlanta ga

Quack Quack! Here’s a little secret: we’re pretty popular around here. I mean, look at us. We’re so stinkin’ cute! Of course the kiddos love us. But we only make limited appearances for photos. We’re like the Olsen Twins that way. So if you want us to cuddle up to your little humans for some sweet spring portraits, you should reserve your space now. That’s straight from the horse’s duck’s mouth.